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27 de jun de 2009 sábado, junho 27, 2009

Oh she may be weary, Those young girls they do get weary, Wearing that same old shaggy dress But when she gets weary You try a little tenderness. I know she's waiting Just anticipating The thing that you'll never never posses No no no but while she's there waiting Try just a little bit of tenderness That's all you got to do Now it's not just sentimental no But she has her griefs and cares But the soft words they are spoke so gentle Yeah yeah yeah And it makes it easier to bear Oh she won't regret it, no no Them young girls they don't forget it Love is their whole happiness Yeah yeah yeah But its all so easy All you got to do is try Try a little tenderness You've got to Hold her Squeeze her Never leave her Now get to he Got got got to try a little tenderness You've got to hold her Don't squeeze her Never leave her You've got to.

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